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Diane M Harris is a long time resident of Will County and  serving as a 23rd Precinct Committeeman. She was born into a Conservative Democrat family as the only daughter of a Chauffeur and a stay at home mom.  Raised in a loving Baptist family, Diane was taught to work hard in order to achieve her goals.  She acquired an interest in public service and safety for others when she was appointed as a Student Crossing Guard back in 1966.  From that point, Diane learned that everyone's life not only matters to their own family but to others as well.  Diane worked hard and also volunteered her time to her community.  She earned a college degree later in life and so strongly supports employer tuition reimbursement programs.   
Diane supports all pro-life issues and believes life begins at conception.
Diane also supports the 2nd Amendment rights because she feels that law abiding citizens should have a right to feel protected and have the right to keep and bear arms.
Diane believes that the Capital Gains Tax and the Death Tax should be removed.  The Corporate Tax should be cut to 10-15%.  Congress should implement the Flat Tax with a simple 15%.  She supports cutting taxes as over taxation and overspending are crippling middle class families. She believes cutting taxes are also ways to empower small business and increase opportunities for  job creation. 
Diane says,"our Nation is in need of a budget that will protect the financial future of our Country and guarantee the economic future of our children."  A balanced budget will create economic growth in America.   For more of Diane's views go to:  Political Views.
Diane holds an Associates in Liberal Arts from the Joliet Junior College and a Bachelor's of Science in Management from the University of Phoenix.  She retired from ComEd as a Liability Representative after 32 years of service and was elected as a 23rd Precinct Committeeman in Will County.   Diane is a member of the National Notary Association, and Commissioned in the State of Illinois as a Notary Public.  She is also an at-Large Board Member of the Cathedral Area Preservation Association (CAPA),  2nd Vice President of the Will County Republican Women, member of the National Hook Up of Black Women, Joliet's Chapter, Recruiter for the Education First Foundation for Foreign Exchange Students, and a member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Diane is Licensed in the State of Illinois as an Independent Agent with  World Financial Group TransAmerica.  She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and is the mother of  Ivan, Alexandria and David. 
Diane says,  "I believe that with honesty, integrity, a pledge to do the right thing for the people, and your vote, we can restore Illinois to a stable economy and a great future for America." 

  "Restore Integrity in Illinois"
Elect Diane M. Harris - U. S. Congress
March 18, 2014
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